Who We Are

Keystone Correctional Services, Inc. is a privately owned partnership established to provide a transition for offenders returning to society after a period of incarceration.

Preentrant and CEO, Terry L. Davis, retired in 2008 as the Director of Dauphin County Adult Probation, Parole and Work Release. Mr. Davis served as Preentrant and was instrumentally involved in the Chief Adult Probation Association of PA. and the Community Corrections Association of PA. Mr. Davis has devoted his life to working with offenders. He believes the most important key to an offender’s success is finding employment for them.

Vice Preentrant and Secretary, Dr. Rex Herbert, is an active orthopedic surgeon who has owned several businesses in the area. Dr. Herbert has served in numerous leadership roles in the community as well as leading his own businesses. Dr. Herbert joined KCSI because he believes in the vision and goals of community corrections.

KCSI is a 150 bed Male facility for offenders pending release from the PA. Dept. of Corrections or other state contracted correctional facilities, from the Central District of PA or the surronding area. The secure facility is 40,000 sq. ft. with a state-of-the-art kitchen that provides food service to the reentrants. Canteen Correctional Services provides three approved meals a day for every reentrant in the facility. The Director of Food Services, Mr. Robert Smith, is a true Chef with a commitment to providing the best meals possible for the reentrants.

KCSI will work with all offender who demonstrates a willingness to make the necessary changes in their lives that will present them the opportunities to gain employment, earn positive reinforcements, and enable them to have an income source when they leave our program and return to society. Re-entrants come from the Central District of PA. as defined by the PA. Dept. of Corrections.

KCSI has a full time employment specialist who works with every reentrant who enters our program to find meaningful employment. We have formed relationships with many local employers who have successfully hired our reentrants and have helped them gain the knowledge and self confidence it takes to change.

Since we have reentrants who are not from Dauphin County but Central District we work with them to assist them in 1. Gaining the necessary skills to find employment when they return to their county of residence. 2. To establish an employment record for their resumes, and 3. To earn some money that will give them a chance to go home and re-establish themselves back in their home areas.

Our overall goal is to assist our reentrants in finding a positive way to change their behaviors that will provide them with the change to make a difference in their lives as well as the lives of their families. We encourage them to participate in faith based programs of their own beliefs, learn the value of giving back by doing community service, and gaining a means to legally succeed financilally.