What We Do

Keystone Correctional Services, Inc. works with offenders being released from correctional facilities. We attempt to qualify individuals for meaningful employment opportunities upon release from our facility.

KCSI has several programs in place to provide reentrants an opportunity to learn work skills, social skills and other key life skills that assists them with successful integration into their reentrantial communities

KCSI recognizes the need for certain key elements in any successful life; a positive living environment, a positive work environment, a family support network, honing life skills and good self esteem. To accomplish these elements KCSI involves everyone on staff to work with the reentrants. We reach out to our local community for partnerships in developing these key elements. These partnerships provide responsibility, community ties, social interaction and confidence.

Terry Davis, the owner, recommends the movie, 'Pay it Forward,' a true story about how one person can change the lives of everyone. Helping just one person can begin a chain reaction with implications far beyond us. This movie is an inspiration for me as I moved from the Public sector to the Private. Terry has always known my purpose was to reach out and help people in need, but this movie really hits the backbone of what society really needs, and I want to see it happen.

Once we began to network with local reentrants and church organizations we began to experience a positive community feedback. Our Christian neighbors as well as all other faiths became involved with men who had their belief’s we found a community that cared here in West Hanover Township. Several local reentrant and businessman who hired and worked along-side reentrants of KCSI said: "The reentrants we hired were hard working, polite, and courteous and gave me a new perspective on working with offenders. And for the most part, we have all of these businesses and many more have come on board with our reentrants. Keystone maintains active membership with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and The Capital Region Ex-offender Support Coalition and works closely businesses in the region to help our reentrants find meaningful employment. The positive men we put to work and the positive community we are working in, has lead to wonderful success for our reentrants.