Keystone Correctional Services, Inc.

Reentrant Policies

Reentrant Rules and Regulations
  1. Reentrants will abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances. This includes the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle and Liquor Control Board Codes.
  2. Failure to return to the facility from any of the above authorized leave of absences will result in the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole being notified and you will be declared an absconder.
  3. Reentrants are subject to search of their person, property, and vehicle at any time by staff. All bags, parcels, etc. will be presented at the main reception area prior to being taken to any other part of the building. All Reentrants must successfully pass through the metal detector each and every time they enter the building. Unannounced K-9 searches are also conducted.
  4. It is the Reentrant's responsibility to properly sign in and out of the Center. Reentrant accountability is required at all times. Destination verification checks will be made by staff to insure accountability. Re-entrants will not be signed out to any private residence that does not have a working telephone. Reentrant sign outs to public areas (i.e. shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.) are limited to 2 hours and the reentrant must return in person at the end of the 2 hours.
  5. All reentrants are required to report in person to their counselor for a minimum of one (1) counseling session per week. Re-entrants are required to participate in all prescribed programming.
  6. The key to successful adjustment is employment and improving (if possible) your employability skills. Pay checks and pay stubs must be turned in to verify employment hours worked. Re-entrants who do not work on any particular day due to illness must stay in the facility until returning to work. Pre-scheduled job interviews may be kept in the afternoons. Unemployed reentrants are expected to use the afternoon hours to do cleaning details in the facility.
Due to limited storage and personal space, allowable items are limited to the following:

Please bring your own bedding (1 pillow, 1 set of sheets, 1 pillow case, and 1 blanket)

7 pair of pants - NO BAGGY PANTS
2 belts
7 shirts
7/10 underwear
7/10 t-shirts
7/10 socks
1 laundry bag
1 spring jacket *during the spring/summer*
1 winter coat *during the winter*
1 winter hat *during the winter*
1 winter gloves *during the winter*
1 work gloves
1 ball cap
3 pair of shoes or sneakers
1 pair of shower shoes
1 electronic device
1 facility-approved cell phone 

The following items must be factory sealed. Any of the items listed below cannot contain alcohol based ingredients or they will be confiscated.

1 unopened soap and soap dish w/receipt
1 unopened shampoo w/receipt
1 safety razor
1 tooth brush
1 unopened tooth paste 
1 unopened after shave (non-alcohol type) 

All items over the above amounts will be confiscated and placed in storage until you are released from this facility.

UNDERSTAND: The reason we restrict certain clothing is that we cannot get you a job in today’s economic times if you don’t dress for success. So bring clothes with you that make you look good.

Items considered Contraband:


Drugs/alcohol to include synthetic THC products (Spice), and unauthorized prescription medications.

Drug paraphernalia to include pipes, rolling papers, aluminum foil, steel wool, etc., and clothing or other items depicting drug or alcohol use.

Money exceeding $30.00 on person

Bedding/pillows without approved fire retardant labeling

DVD players, and DVD’s of any kind

Back packs or other bags with zippers

Multiple Cell phones or otherwise unapproved cell phones

Newspapers and magazines in housing area

Excessive property



Cameras, audio or video recorders, hand-held games

Musical instruments

Coffee makers, extension cords, lighting, flashlights, and lasers

Sporting equipment of any kind

Boom boxes, large radios, stereos, and any type of speaker

Gambling related materials, excluding playing cards

Hair dye or other chemicals

Personal hygiene items that contain alcohol

Any flammable item/aerosol cans(includes body sprays)/ lighter fluids

Any type of liquids (including Bleach, oils, frozen water, etc.)

Food items of any kind (unless authorized)

Animals or pets of any kind

Loose tobacco including snuff, cigars, rolling papers, cigarette rolling machines, and opened packs/ containers of cigarettes and snuff. Individual pouches of snuff are permissible provided they are in a sealed container upon entrance into the facility.

Other items deemed as contraband by KCSI Facility Director or designee.

*Reentrants required to use tools for employment must register all tools with the Control Desk. All tools shall be turned into the staff on duty upon entering the Facility and secured in a location by the Shift Supervisor or secured in the reentrant's approved personal vehicle.