Careers with Keystone

To apply for employment with a positive and growing program, please send a completed application (download here) and up-to-date resume to: 

Keystone Correctional Services, Inc.
7201 Allentown Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17112



These individuals work closely with the residents to insure that they are following the rules of the facility, are involved in positive community activities, and maintain a safe and secure facility.   They have daily contact will all residents while they supervise them during activities inside the facility.   We expect our Monitors to talk with the residents about positive life changing events that will make them better citizens.  

Case Managers:

These individuals work with the residents on an individual basis to assist them with preparing acceptable plans for release. They work with the Facility Director, Parole Agents, and staff of the Dept. of Corrections. They have assigned caseloads and approve all requests from the residents for passes and other activities.


Staff selected for Counselors positions will be individuals who have experience in working with offenders and can assist these them with goal planning, corrective behaviors, understand the issues these men face, and work to make a difference in their lives. Counselors are required to teach "life skill classes" and other instructional programs that take place in our daily working with residents. Counselors will be assigned a number of residents that they will personally be involved with during their hours of work in the facility.

The majority of employees of KCSI are classified as "part time" employees working up to 36 hours a week over a 3 day period of time. We have recruited many retired law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and community corrections employees as our base for this facility. However, we are looking for staff who desire to join the community corrections arena from other backgrounds. There are day and night shift positions available with the facility operating 24/7.